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I am a Cloud Native Architect working with the MyWizard Team at Accenture to embrace Serverless Technologies. This blog space contains articles based on my experiences in delivering Serverless Solutions at scale to production since 2018.

I learn new technologies quickly and have been deeply curious about AWS Lambda and Serverless solutions since they were initially released. I designed and built the the Live score backend for the Australia Open Web Site and hyper-performant serverless APIs for delivering live scores to millions of tennis fans around the world in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Since delivering this project I have worked fulltime specialising in Serverless Enterprise Integration building out custom integration platforms between systems like ServiceNow, Salesforce and on premise data centre systems.

I am a passionate software engineer who likes nothing more than coding and guiding teams to build better Cloud Native Solutions. A self professed Serverless Wizard with deep understanding on how to design and build solutions on the AWS Cloud. Capable of coding in any language - NodeJS and Python are my current favourites.

I hope my blog articles are useful and informative, the opinions expressed in these pages are entirely my own.

“It’s Software, anything is possible!”