Posts 2021 The Year Of The Blog

2021 The Year Of The Blog

I have been saying it to myself over and over, I have so much information in my head to share that I simply must start a blog! Mostly this is where the thoughts stop and the whole question of “But I need to build my blog software”, and as cool as that sounds it simply becomes an obstacle to getting it done!

So here it is, my personal blogging space setup using Jekyll and hosted on github pages. I am a real dark theme fiend so needed to find a dark theme and one that I think is simple and easy to use is the Chirpy theme. I am also a HUGE fan of markdown for writing so Jekyll is ideal for me!

I will now start brainstorming all the ideas I want to share and information around some of my favourite topics which is not limited to but will include:

  • Cloud Native Development
  • Serverless Lambda development on AWS
  • Azure Functions
  • Google Cloud functions

My current focus and passion is in the AWS space but am keen to explore what both Azure and Google cloud have to offer in the serverless space, I feel I am addicted to serverless and those who know me well understsand how I get addicted to technology!

So watch this space, keep coming back and join me on my new journey of writing technical blogs for everyone!

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