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Relocating Blog


Hi there, thanks for watching my blog and reading my articles. A short note, I have decided to move my blog articles to a new platform on All of my articles have been relocated to this platform and will continue to be available at the following address:

I am moving to hashnode for the community style benefits the platform provides which I do not have time to build myself so please jump over and follow me on the Hashnode platform!

I will be leaving this site active for a short transition period and will eventually be taken offline, not sure when. At the moment it is published on GitHub pages which is awesome and I have no regrets at all! I just want to allow for you all to comment on my posts and have some basic stats for my articles and some better SEO than I can do myself. I want to focus on Serverless Technologies and keep creating valuable content for you all to read and follow.

For those who watch the RSS feed here is the new link

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